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5 Things You Can Do Now to Kickstart Healthy Living! by Mia Pickens

1. Drink At least half your weight in water.

I know so many are tired of hearing it but with your body being made up of 70% water, nothing gets your healthy journey started like drinking more water. I strongly suggest every person aim for a gallon a day. However just to start, take your weight and divide it in half and put oz (ounces) behind it. That is what you would drink at a minimum daily. This daily habit keeps the organs flushed and the body hydrated.

Ex: Person weighs 150lbs. Half of that is 75lbs. So, a person should start off drinking 75oz or 75 ounces daily.

2. Eat More Whole Foods

By whole foods I mean foods your body can easily digests. I want to highlight that each person is different. Our bodies are individually designed but we each could gain healthy goodness from whole foods. Whole foods are foods that has had little to no process and free from additives or fake ingredients. The body can identify these foods easily allowing them to be digested and used for the bodies needs. This benefits your health by not crowding space in your body for things that cause it harm or disruption.

Ex: fruits, veggies, leafy greens, and whole grains,

3. Take More Deep Breaths

The power of breath is the one thing that you instantly desire if it is gone. We spend a lot of time focusing on health from an outward focus and often forget the small things with our body’s health needs. You do not exist without breath. It is essential. When you take deeper breaths, you allow your lungs to fully fill giving both your mind and body a small window to reset. So many things can be prevented by taking a simple deep breath. Each day take at least 2 mins each hour to deep breath. Your body will thank you abundantly.

4. Hold Space for a Positive Mindset

The thoughts you think contribute just as much to your overall health as anything else. When your mind is healthy your body is healthy. Negative thoughts and stress lead to a weaker immune system and open the door for illness to come in. To avoid this from happening give gratitude throughout your day, find things to be happy about, forgive people when they upset you, do more of what you love, and speak kindly to yourself. These are just a few things that help maintain a positive mindset, but I am sure overtime you will discover more.

5. Move Your Body Daily

A body in motion stays in motion. Working out is fantastic for the body but you do not need a hardcore workout every day to stay healthy. A simple walk paired with a good stretch keeps the body just as healthy. Moving daily allows your body to stimulate the energy needed to keep your cells and organs happy. Moving your body also forces the brain to release endorphins such as dopamine and serotine. These send out positive feelings in the body giving you that feel good vibe. Your body is always thankful when you take a few moments to use it and not allow it to wilt away. It’s the simple things that lead to the biggest changes.

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