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Let's Talk: Herbal Self-care!

Hey Girl Hey

Welcome to another Covid Corner Blog. Y’all over it yet? Whew, Chile, I know you are.

Let’s talk about Herbal Self- Care. I am positive that you have read multiple articles about how to create a self-care routine. Many of those articles require you to do things that may be enjoyable but can also be slightly time confusing. Just because we are locked inside, doesn’t mean we have an influx of time on our hands.

You may notice that I listed Herbal Self-Care. This is because I want more people to understand, become familiar and even excited about the use of herbs. Herbs have been around forever and ever and when you understand them, you can create and sustain a healthier living style. One that is great you internally but can be viewed externally.

Today’s Self-Care topic is on The Benefits of Tea for Women.

I have three herbs that I will share that you can use during your teatime for self-care. Please keep in mind that there are more tea blends that can be used. If you are fancy, you can level up and make tonics and tinctures.

1. Red Raspberry Leaf

All women in the world should have Red Raspberry Leaf in their pantry. Red raspberry Leaf is widely used to combat menstrual issues such as cramping, mood swings and aid in regulating your hormones.

Red Raspberry Leaf also has vitamins within that some of women lack consistent levels of such as iron, Vitamin A and C.

Red Raspberry Leaf is also used to help prepare the body for planned pregnancy. When your body is receiving is balanced hormonally, your chances of fertility is increased.

2. Nettle (Stinging)

Nettle is another must have for women. Enjoyed during pregnancy, nettle helps to provide nourishment to mother and child while also assisting in preventing fatigue (Gladstar, 1993). Containing high amounts of vitamin K, which is important for proper blood clotting, may help to prevent hemorrhage during childbirth (Weed, 1989). And drinking nettle helps to enrich breast milk!

The properties within nettle help to reduce inflammation that can be triggered from arthritis or diabetes. It can assist with lowering blood sugar. Nettle tea is often used to combat seasonal allergies.

3. Lavender

Lavender has become one of my absolute favorite herbs to use. I became a forever fan of lavender just this year. Because, I’ve been missing out for so long, I wouldn’t dare do that to you sis! You may have noticed that lavender is used in just about every area of our lives from tea to calming butter to cleaning products to lavender shortbread cookies. This should have been a big giveaway for me 😊

I love to use lavender in my tea (often mixed with Chamomile) before bed. It truly does help to relax and settle me. When I feel myself getting anxious or overwhelmed, I pour or blend in my smoothie lavender herbs due to there relaxation any uplifting properties. It not only calms nerves but can help reduce headaches and migraines and reduce fevers.

Teas are best consumed after using the infusion method.

Select your leaves of choice (all three of the herbs above can be mixed together or separately) and place them in your mug or jar of choice. I prefer to place my herbs together in a tea bag and tighten the string.

Pour your boiling water over the herbs and allow it to sit COVERED for 5-20 minutes.

Allow it to cool if you plan to drink immediately or store in your fridge if you prefer cold tea.

You are welcome to add raw honey or stevia if you want a slightly sweeter taste. Remember not to over sweeten your tea. Allow the benefits to fill your body with as little shifts as possible.

Do not rush to drink your tea. Sit in a comfortable space, grab your Bible or latest book and just relax. Inhale and exhale to relax your body and clear your head. Always remember that your body is moving and that oftentimes, still moments are when God speaks.

Please note:

the use of herbs is solely as your own discretion. Please do not omit medical treatment for use of herbs or other natural remedies.

If you would like to work with me to create your specialty tea blend, please feel free to reach out to me. It would be an honor to serve you.

Graced to Show Grace

Tanessa B.

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