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Rid Yourself of Lockdown Brows!

Hey guys, as we get further and further into this lockdown I know we're struggling on the hair, nails, and brows tip. I have crowned myself the DIY Queen, so I wanted to share how I'm maintaining my brows. Use the slider below for pics of each step.

You'll need...

-Nair Wax Ready-Strips - I buy mine at Walmart they are usually just under $8. The box lasts me for months because I only use them for facial hair.

-Coconut Oil- You can use any oil, this is just my preference.

-Scissors- small ones are easier to use.

-Spoolie- It's the name of the brow brush. I just learned it too. :)

-Optional items: tweezers, paper towels or cotton balls

Step 1:

Take out 1 large wax strip from the box. It is shaped like a long rectangle and has two paper sheets with wax in between. DO NOT PEEL THEM APART YET. You will cut this strip across(width-wise) into smaller rectangular strips. After, I cut them again to give be varying shapes I may need to get the right shaped eyebrow I want. You will se in the pictures below that I even cut out the arch shape I want for my brow.

Step 2:

Grab the arch-shaped wax strip and pull the two paper apart. This will give you a wax strip for each eyebrow. Set one to the side keeping the sticky wax facing up. Use the wax strip you are holding and match it up to the corresponding brow. Place the wax strip under your brow and give it a rub to ensure its sticking well. Make sure the only hair the wax is touching is hair you want to remove!

Step 3:

Grab the outside edge of the wax strip and pull it off, quickly! When waxing, you should always pull in the opposite direction of how the hair grows. It also helps to pull the skin tight as you pull it off.

Step 4:

Use Coconut Oil to remove wax residue left on your skin. The Nair Wax Strips come with wax removal clothes, but I prefer to use coconut oil. Feel free to use any oil you like. I rub it all over any place I just waxed, then use a paper towel or cotton ball to remove it. I like the roughness of a paper towel to really remove that stickiness, but again feel free to use what you like.

Step 5:

This is optional. If your brows still aren't as clean as you would like them to be, use some tweezers to remove any hairs in the way of your desired shape. Keep in mind that your eyebrows are NOT the same. When you are trying to make sure they are the same shape, *think* you want them to look like SISTERS. Not cousins, not twins, but like they are very closely related. lol Don't obsess over them being slightly different.

Once you're done with all that, style as normal and you're all done! No more wild brows, quick and easy!

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